carbs, pods, handlebar...

James Keefover jkeefover at
Mon Mar 10 16:22:12 PDT 2008

Thanks for all the info on the K&N filter pods.  It's been very helpful.
However, I was able tonight to finish the carb reinstall with the airbox in
place and the bike runs like new.  I'm still considering going to the pods
but I'm a little worried about rain.  I ride in A LOT of rain.  I never even
thought about it before.  I put a clear fuel filter on this time and I can
already see that there is some dirt in it.  I'm going to clean the tank out
really well and inspect for rust.  Hopefully I won't have to go through that
annoying process again for a while.

Someone mentioned they had a left handlebar they wanted to sell.  I lost the
email so if that person is out there, I'm still interested.

I'm also considering the offer of an LSL conversion but not sure I want to
part with that much money.

Thanks again,

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