quick opinion needed

Simon White swhite at consultant.com
Mon Mar 10 19:01:00 PDT 2008

Very nice!  Looks a lot like the one I've been watching - including being a long way from the potential buyer..

Don't know what the prices are like in the US, but it seems like a good buy.  You might want to check out the ZZR1200 forum for more info.

Oh, and for the people suffering snowfalls atm, it was 39°C here yesterday.  That's around 102°F - and no fun to ride in at all.  It's cooled a little now, but they're predicting ~100°F again by the end of the week :(.

'95 GPz1100 - It's big, it's blue, it's quick.
Melbourne, Australia
I'd rather be riding...somewhere cooler.

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