carbs, pods and rain

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Hunan hunny

David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote:        Why pay when you can download from the internet?? I'm sure Jerry's got a couple pics floatin' around out there somewhere.;-)
 Dave Daniels wrote:    
I'd pay for that picture.

Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:  Might look kinda gay. me in a shower cap!

Dave Daniels wrote: I would think the same thing. Seems to me the water in the filter would clog it up. Sounds logical anyway. And you sure wouldn't want to be riding it with the shower caps on.

James Keefover wrote: I think if the air is already more moist, then it would run worse than dry
air at the same temp. Funny things happen however if the water is
evaporating just before combustion...

My worry is that the wet filter would not flow much air.


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Cool, thanks for the correction.
I wonder if condom would work too?

Steven Bixby wrote: I been reading about flying (to be a
'proper' virtual pilot since I
can't afford to do it for real). This reading includes aviation
weather, although I knew this fact back in high school. :)

Moist air is actually less dense than dry air - water vapor is lighter
than air. So when it's dry, engines run better than when it's humid.

Ok, I'm done spouting my newfound (or renewed) knowledge, back to pods
and shower caps!

Remember, moist air is denser which can help the combustion process.
OK, that's a stretch..... I am all wet around the ears.


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