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I was in those temperatures last month at Hermosa beach on the Pacific side 
of Costa Rica.  Fortunatly it was only four days.  The remainer of the month 
we were in the mountains around Lake Arenal with temperatures 21 - 25 C 
(70 - 80 F).  The Gpz would be a cumbersome ride in CR.  You'd never get 
higher than 2nd gear and would be worn out from tossing the big girl around 
the wicked curves.  Mind you it would be handy with the 80 meter passing 
spots.  I think the 400 Suzuki DRZ or its KTM equivalent would be perfect 
for the roads.  Most of the bikes I saw were in the 125 - 200 cc range.  My 
2 old Honda (a 1975 and 1984) XL 250 would have been well respected mounts.

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> Very nice!  Looks a lot like the one I've been watching - including being 
> a long way from the potential buyer..
> http://www.bikepoint.com.au/DesktopDefault.aspx?UsedBikeID=2879271&TabID=3424&Alias=bikepointau
> Don't know what the prices are like in the US, but it seems like a good 
> buy.  You might want to check out the ZZR1200 forum for more info.
> Oh, and for the people suffering snowfalls atm, it was 39°C here 
> yesterday.  That's around 102°F - and no fun to ride in at all.  It's 
> cooled a little now, but they're predicting ~100°F again by the end of the 
> week :(.
> Simon
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> Melbourne, Australia
> I'd rather be riding...somewhere cooler.
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>> 170198986890
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