CV 34 carbs, pilot screw

Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Sat Mar 15 14:29:48 PDT 2008

I'm guessing you touched the heads of a couple of the pilot screws with the 
drill bit after you broke through the cap. Anyway, your adjustment range is 
about 4 turns from lightly bottomed so I'd start in the middle of the range 
at 2 turns out.

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> Hi;
> I'm cleaning the carbs on the 750, it has CV34s.  I've got all the parts 
> out on the bench and they are cleaning up well. The question is; why were 
> the pilot screws all in different positions.  The US model EPA plugs were 
> still in place, and I drilled them out.   Then I checked each screws 
> location by threading it in to the stop.  One was 1.75 turns, one was 1.25 
> turns, one was .75 turns and one was 0 turns.  Is this normal?  Should I 
> reinstall them in the original position?  If not, what is a good starting 
> point as I'm at about 700 foot elevation?
> Thanks all;
> David Fallon
> 441 

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