KLR 650 question

Jeffrey L. Walker walkerjl at charter.net
Tue Mar 18 21:46:20 PDT 2008

32K miles on a KLR means it is just about broken in.  These are totally
bullet proof bikes to everything except actual AK-47 rounds.  There are a
couple of recommended fixes done over the years, but that '99 wouldn't be
impacted I don't think.  Mine was an '89, and I rode it absolutely
EVERYWHERE until I discovered sport bikes 6 years ago.  I sold mine about 4
years ago and wish I hadn't.  

I rode mine to Baja Mexico from Seattle and back, and from Columbus GA to
the Florida Keys and back, and to Clarksville TN and back, and to Texas and
back, etc, as well as my daily for my daily commute.

Here in Washington I loaded it down with gear and took it fishing in the
North Cascades just about every other weekend on some really rough roads.

Great bike.

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Do any of you know the life expectancy of one of these bikes.  There is a 
'99 30 miles away for $1500.00.  It has 54000 km (32,000 miles) all highway.



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