MRA Vario Touring Windscreen?

Ped pedmail at
Tue Mar 18 22:31:55 PDT 2008

Hi Jeff,

The MRA Vario Touring Windscreen has just been discussed on the German 
GPZ 1100 Forum and all who installed it expressed that they were very 
satisfied with it. I met some of them last year in Maastricht, the 
Netherlands and later in Bavaria and saw the screen myself. I don't 
recall any of the riders being anywhere near 6'3" though. I use the MRA 
Touring Windscreen (without the 'Vario') myself. It does offer much 
better wind protection than the stock screen, but it also increases 
helmet noise significantly due to turbulence. My height is about the 
same as yours (maybe slightly shorter) so my guess is that it would be 
the same for you. I doubt the Vario windscreen will be able to throw the 
wind flow all the way above your head. But I like the better 
wind/weather protection and use ear plugs to compensate for the 
increased noise level.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Jeffrey L. Walker skrev:
> Has anyone installed one of these on the GPz?  I'm curious to know how
> they've worked for you.  I'm 6'3" and could use some more cover than the
> stock screen.  I wanted to try a Givi sport touring screen, but you can't
> find them anymore.  I was about to buy the Zero Gravity ST screen until I
> ran across these:
> I have a replacement Zero Gravity stock size screen, and I'm not that
> impressed with it.  Its fine for stock size I guess, but it doesn't have the
> same lip that the stock shield had, and seems to be a thinner plastic.  So
> I'm a bit leery of spending money on their ST screen and getting
> disappointed.  
> So any thoughts on the MRA screen?  Any other options I should look at?
> Thanks!

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