The HIPAA Recreational Injury Technical Correction Act

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Fri Mar 21 08:25:24 PDT 2008

<<Hi Rob
Thanks for the heads up.
I just did my bit.
BTW there is this bill being tabled in the Louisiana legislature which would 
offer motorcyclists the choice NOT to wear a helmet if they have proof of 
health insurance to the tune of $14,000.
What do y'all think?
Randy (lurker in New Orleans)>>

I think if someone is not smart enough to wear a full face helmet 100% of 
the time , and has to be actually told to wear it, well we should just let 
natural selection take its course. Only problem with this is every time one 
of these states drops a helmet law our death totals go way up, and we go 
through yet another round of  how dangerous riding a 'murdercycle' is.

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