Speaking of saddlebags.

Jeffrey L. Walker walkerjl at charter.net
Sat Mar 22 15:47:47 PDT 2008

Hey, that's my sale...  Priced way too high I think.  I'll sell them and the
mounting brackets and turn signal relocater bracket to anyone here on this
list for $40 plus S&H.  You can't even buy the cheapest set of POS
aftermarket bags at that price, and these are the OEM bags made for our bike
that look perfect on it.

I like the OEM bags.  (++) They look right, (+) they attach securely, (+)
don't stick out far, and (+) can handle plenty of weight.  (I've had them
loaded with textbooks.) and (+) I like that hard outer shell. Riding with
these bags at speed the bags don't move at all, unlike some soft saddlebags
I've used where I could feel the wind whip the bag around a bit.  (+) The
turn signals are only slightly relocated, and the saddlebags have small
dished in areas to accommodate the turn signals.  It looks great with the
bags on.  (+) The bike also looks great without the bags on and the mounting
bracket on the bike.  It doesn't look awkward at all, and in fact the
mounting brackets work perfectly for hanging soft saddlebags on as well (I
have a set of RKA 47 liter bags that hold a LOT of gear).

But, to be full and balanced:  (-) You have to partially open the bags to
squeeze your hand in and reach the Dzus type fasteners to attach the bags to
the mounting bracket when the bag is loaded.  Its not impossible, or even
hard to do, just a bit of a challenge.  (-) The bags are not waterproof, you
have to pack your gear in plastic baggies inside them (which makes it easier
to partially open the bags and squeeze your hands in to fasten / unfasten
them to the bracket and not have your gear fall out.)  (-) They aren't
lockable.  The opening is secured by a very strong zipper, which has a nice
flap that covers the zipper completely, and casual thieves looking at the
hard outer shell may very well assume that they are secure since they can't
see the zipper, but still...  (-) The size/shape is what it is, and they
aren't the easiest to overstuff.  I find them to be a tad smaller than my
RKA 47 liter saddlebags.  Last summer I used the GPz saddlebags three times
on road trips, each time I was able to pack everything I needed for a week
in them and my tank bag, but then I pack light.  If it had been a business
trip, I would have packed my RKA saddlebags and taken a tail bag too.  (My
company pays per diem and miles for business travel, but often when I travel
for business I have to fly.  

So I want to see them go to a good home.  $40 plus S&H....

Jeff in Washington

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Speaking of saddlebags.  Need a set?  NAYY...



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