Some good takes on Islam

Tom Wheeler the74impala at
Sat Mar 22 19:16:15 PDT 2008

Well, I for one would appreciate keeping to motorcycle type issues.  I know I have participated in the past in commentaries having to do with politics and religion, but I have refrained from bringing any others up.  It does make for a better social environment.  
How bout some "that oil is crap, Rotella is the only thing to use" instead of linking to what could be considered hate speech, or at least wildly inflammatory.
Tom Wheeler

> From: shampson at> To: gpzlist at> Subject: Some good takes on Islam> Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 18:30:07 +0000> > I find his views very refreshing and forthright. However some of the more> religious members may not as he spares no religion. He has some very good> points to make regarding a current court case in Canada.> > > >> > > > > >> > > > Steve> 

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