Speaking of saddlebags.

Steve Northrop blackgpz at rochester.rr.com
Sun Mar 23 08:18:13 PDT 2008

I had some bag liners made by a guy on ebay. I sent him the bag dimensions 
and they were only $40. He did a nice job too. They have handles on them so 
the bags stay on the bike and I just pull the liner out with all my stuff.

Steve in Western NY
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'08 KLR 650
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> Hey, that's my sale...  Priced way too high I think.  I'll sell them and 
> the
> mounting brackets and turn signal relocater bracket to anyone here on this
> list for $40 plus S&H.  You can't even buy the cheapest set of POS
> aftermarket bags at that price, and these are the OEM bags made for our 
> bike
> that look perfect on it.
> I like the OEM bags.  (++) They look right, (+) they attach securely, (+)
> don't stick out far, and (+) can handle plenty of weight.  (I've had them
> loaded with textbooks.) and (+) I like that hard outer shell. Riding with
> these bags at speed the bags don't move at all, unlike some soft 
> saddlebags
> I've used where I could feel the wind whip the bag around a bit.  (+) The
> turn signals are only slightly relocated, and the saddlebags have small
> dished in areas to accommodate the turn signals.  It looks great with the
> bags on.  (+) The bike also looks great without the bags on and the 
> mounting
> bracket on the bike.  It doesn't look awkward at all, and in fact the
> mounting brackets work perfectly for hanging soft saddlebags on as well (I
> have a set of RKA 47 liter bags that hold a LOT of gear).
> But, to be full and balanced:  (-) You have to partially open the bags to
> squeeze your hand in and reach the Dzus type fasteners to attach the bags 
> to
> the mounting bracket when the bag is loaded.  Its not impossible, or even
> hard to do, just a bit of a challenge.  (-) The bags are not waterproof, 
> you
> have to pack your gear in plastic baggies inside them (which makes it 
> easier
> to partially open the bags and squeeze your hands in to fasten / unfasten
> them to the bracket and not have your gear fall out.)  (-) They aren't
> lockable.  The opening is secured by a very strong zipper, which has a 
> nice
> flap that covers the zipper completely, and casual thieves looking at the
> hard outer shell may very well assume that they are secure since they 
> can't
> see the zipper, but still...  (-) The size/shape is what it is, and they
> aren't the easiest to overstuff.  I find them to be a tad smaller than my
> RKA 47 liter saddlebags.  Last summer I used the GPz saddlebags three 
> times
> on road trips, each time I was able to pack everything I needed for a week
> in them and my tank bag, but then I pack light.  If it had been a business
> trip, I would have packed my RKA saddlebags and taken a tail bag too.  (My
> company pays per diem and miles for business travel, but often when I 
> travel
> for business I have to fly.
> So I want to see them go to a good home.  $40 plus S&H....
> Jeff in Washington
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> Speaking of saddlebags.  Need a set?  NAYY...
> http://www.sport-touring.net/forums/index.php/topic,23268.0.html
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