Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Sun Mar 23 17:49:26 PDT 2008

ex wife eh.....hmmmmm.....I'll have to remember that....on the current wife.

Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:  Brake cleaner can get the stubborn spots outs too.
It worked on the ex-wife!

Dave Daniels wrote: If you don't mind it dripping on the floor, or if you have some old rags to put underneath it, put some kerosine, or some other cleaning agent (I found that WD40 is a pretty good cleaning agent), and rotate the wheel while spraying it on the chain toward the back. Sure, it makes a bit of a mess, but you save a bunch of work that way. After spraying the cleaning agent on, brush it with an old toothbrush or something like that. Worked for me anyway.

Jay Loeppke wrote: I tried pressing it apart with a couple of screwdrivers and it 
wouldn't separate. I guess I could rotate the chain through a bucket 
of kerosene while still together .

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