SPAM and AOL subscribers

David Spaulding spauldingd at
Mon Mar 24 17:59:12 PDT 2008

I need to pass along a message from the guys at to any AOL 
subscribers.  As an AOL subscriber, you are able to report messages as SPAM. 
When you do that, it essentially tells AOL that the sender is a SPAMMER and 
should perhaps be prevented from sending mail to you in the future.  It 
seems that quite often people are reporting messages from the GPzList and 
other Micapeak lists as SPAM.  This usually happens when someone send and 
inappropriate message to the list.  It might be inappropriate, but it isn't 
SPAM, so please don't report it to AOL.


> I voluntarily requested AOL to send me notifications when somebody
> reports mail from as Spam. AOL does quite a good job of
> keeping up with Spam and email problems these days. I have no problem
> with AOL.
> - "Spam" has a specific meaning. The short version of the definition is
>  "Unsolicited commercial email".
> - Each word of that is significant.
> - Mail you get from a mailing list that YOU signed up for VOLUNTARILY
>  is NOT "unsolicited". No matter WHAT the content is.
> - Mail from somebody on such a mailing list talking about selling
>  something, or talking about where to buy someting is NEITHER
>  commercial NOR unsolicited.
> - Mail that you don't happen to LIKE is *niether* uncolicited NOR 
> commercial
> - Every piece of email from micapeak mailing list contains, in the
>  headers in a standard location, an address to unsubscribe and another
>  to report issues.
> - Reporting such mail as Spam to AOL is not only lazy and ignorant, but
>  annoying to people who provide you SERVICE FOR FREE - and potentially
>  damaging to other users.
> Please inform your AOL subscribers that they **voluntarily subscribed**
> to mailing list at and if they don't like the content they
> are obliged to unsubscribe, NOT report the content as "Spam".
> Let them know that their reporting micapeak mail to AOL as Spam injures
> our whitelist rating with AOL. This damages our ability to support AOL
> users, and may potentially result in specific (or all) AOL users being
> banned from participating in or receiving mailing lists.
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