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Bill Magitz corbie at
Wed Mar 26 11:46:47 PDT 2008

just to remind the list , I was looking for a little run around bike with good gas mileage and a bigger gas tank and today I bought a 1999 Honda Nighthawk , in near mint condition and only 10k miles , the owner bought herself a GoldWing trike and her husband a new HD so the Nighthawk had to go , cost me $1500 not bad !!!  I'm going to put some miles on it over the weekend and then decide if I can live with it instead of the GPZ , this may be stating the obvious but a really low priced bike seems to sell rather quick on Craigslist , so if I sell I wonder how low should I go ?  $2700 was not low enough but whats giving it away and whats fair ..........we shall see   ciao4now bill m

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