Cable Lube..

Paul Landry p_landry at
Sun Mar 30 15:07:16 PDT 2008

I would have Ralph, was at 2 MC dealerships yesterday.
The Honda dealer uses the Honda Brand White Lithium grease, ?? (expensive
for what it is!?).
The Yamaha dealer is just getting the shop set up and did not have any yet.
The 2 Auto parts places did not have cable lube, but did have the other
products I mentioned.

It should be simple I know..  But... 
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

From: dominatr37 [mailto:dominatr37 at] 
Subject: Re: Cable Lube..

Paul by the cable lube they sell. That's what I did. Any bike shop should
have it.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

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