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Sun Mar 30 18:04:14 PDT 2008

Got SymTech on both bikes.  They are cheap and they work.  Really well.

Paul in Ohio
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> Consider getting grip heaters.  Doing so will permit you to use any type
> of grip you want instead of being limited to the grips the heated grips
> come with.
> Take a look at murph's site or California sport touring
> (  I'm planning on getting a set of those
> symtec grip heater elements.  They go under the grips and come with
> differing wattages for the throttle/clutch side (so as not to melt the
> throttle tube).
> I believe your dimensions are correct.
>> I would like to add some heated grips.   Is our diameter 7/8?  and the
>> grip looks like 4.75 length.  I am looking at hot grip brand

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