Ruby's gone

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Thu May 1 15:44:33 PDT 2008


Who's your new mistress?  I haven't been following the mailing list too closely lately.  Seems quite of few of us have moved (or will be) on over the last year or two.

Nearly $3K later in accessories, I'm fairly content with the c14.  It is more hungry for tires and brakes than the gpz was.  Got 8900 miles out of the oems.  Will probably get 12K out of the oem pads.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 1, 2008, 5:37:31 PM, Jim wrote:

> Well a young lad (mid 30's) picked up Ruby today.  He had a grin on his face
> like I imagine I did 10 years ago when I loaded her in my truck in Conescon
> ON.

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