CRUNCH!!! (GD people that don't know how to drive!)

Don Wilcox leanintree at
Wed May 7 15:08:09 PDT 2008

Wonderful day. at 11:00 I realized I'd forgotten my wallet (making it hard
to go get lunch), so I borrows a ten-spot from the boss and heads to Burger
King for some artery hardening sustenance.

Around about 11:45, I'm standing in line waiting for my greasy fries and
chopped&pressed almost-fish-like-substance sandwich, and some guy walks
inside and comes up to me (in my moto jacket and gloves) and says "Hey, is
that your bike out there that got run over?". I sez to him, "Are you
serious?", he sez to me,"Sure am, some guy just backed his truck into it and
it's laying on it's side"

Needless to say, I ceased waiting for my almost food, dropped my junk on a
table and ran outside to find some dude about to blow out a hernia trying to
pick up my GPZ off of it's right side.

We pick it up and he starts gathering his info immediatly, all the while
saying "I didn't see it" (well no shit sherlock, I'm pretty sure you
wouldn'ta hit it if you'd been paying attention). I'm pissed, but he didn't
just haul ass, so I'm thankful for that.

It happened like this... this here BK is basically a 1-way ring around the
building. All the parking spots are diagonals assuming your coming in the
same way I did. That's the direction the drive through goes, and a whole
line of cars ends up planted down the center of the parking area (lined up
to drive through). The do have a back lot (accessable from the north side),
but there's really no entrance into the main portion of the parking area
with people waiting for the drive through, and besides, that means your
effectively going the wrong way around the one-way flow.

This jackhole decided to do it though. In his long bed ex-cab F250. And then
tries to back into the space beside my bike (or into the space I'm in).

Initial damages identified are scuffed lower fairings, scratched upper
fairing, bent RH handlebar, cracked throttle assembly, bent brake pedal,
gouged engine side covers (3), busted RH mirror (glass), gouged
Throttlemeister, both front turn signals busted. Mostly cosmetic, other than
the mirror, brake pedal and handlebar.

Already notified the cops, they came out and took report, since I may have
to take it to the guys insurance company. In a way, I hope not, since it
could *easily* be totalled for the value of new plastic (13 yrs old). But
I'll be damned if I'm paying to fix it though. with the low value like that,
I won't get anything out of it if they total, and it might just take that
kind of money to rebuild. And I don't have any hope that I could replace it
for the book value...

Crap day.

Don in GJ

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