Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Thu May 8 09:41:05 PDT 2008

I maybe be able to help with a few parts. Mirror, RH bar.
and blinker. Hopefully your throttle housing is messed-up.
or worse the faring bracket bent. usually it's the little welded
bracket on the frame that gets slightly bent. 
I'll see what I got this weekend... maybe a brake pedal.
As far as plastic, I don't have the slower black parts!

Don Wilcox <leanintree at> wrote:<snip>
Initial damages identified are scuffed lower fairings, scratched upper fairing, bent RH handlebar, cracked throttle assembly, bent brake pedal, gouged engine side covers (3), busted RH mirror (glass), gouged
Throttlemeister, both front turn signals busted. Mostly cosmetic, other than the mirror, brake pedal and handlebar.

Don in GJ

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