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While this is indeed tedious to use Julian's words, if you 
can hang the bike in the air from ceiling beams in a garage 
it can be done a lot easier.  Pull the tank and hang the 
center frame from the ceiling while the bike is on the 
centerstand.  Pull the brake calipers and let then hang 
from the handlebars.  Then, hang the handlebar assembly 
from the ceiling like you did the frame.  Leave the forks 
attached to the bottom triple clamp.  This should allow 
everything on the front end to be dropped easily out the 
bottom, in one big piece once you take off the top triple 
clamp.  Basically, this allows the entire front end to come 
off in one big piece.  It's easier than it might sound, I 
did my old KC650 steering head bearings in an hour or two 
or so this way.

Charles S.

> excactly how does one do this?
> On 5/11/08, schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:
> > Don't forget to LUBE the head bearings also..
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> Utah Jeff
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