Steven Bixby steven at
Mon May 12 15:45:03 PDT 2008

Ben... these guys are seriously degenerate, so you should probably run
away as soon as possible, lest you get caught up and have strange
desires you never had before.

Or more seriously, it's an inside joke that's been rattling around
their empty heads for years, on this list.  Just don't take it
seriously! :)

Welcome to the GPZ 1100 world and enjoy your sweet machine.

On 5/12/08, ben millies <ben_millies at> wrote:
> Hello all, My name is Ben Millies, I live in Dallas, TX. I recently aquired a '95 GPz, And wanted to go ahead and say "hello". I've learned alot from you all and the GPz list website. Thank you.
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