new guy w/ mechanical questions

ben millies ben_millies at
Mon May 12 18:30:43 PDT 2008

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I even laughed at the spam comment. My first submission was kinda spammy, I thought about adding something in there about colon cleanse or something but was able to talk myself out of it. lol.
Anyhow, I have a 95 gpz1100 21k miles. The bike is extremely clean. I've been able to put 14.5 miles on it before it developed what I would describe as a mechanical "tick".  It started as intermittant, then constant. 
I pulled the valve cover to check the valves and found that all of the exhaust valves were extremely tight.  I set the valves to spec and checked the cam chain tensioner. Reassembled and now I can hear the valves a little but the "tick" is still there. 
The tick seems to be from the top end... any other ideas?  any experience with something like or similar to this?
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