How did You learn to Ride?

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Wed May 21 14:40:17 PDT 2008

I actually taught myself. I was given an old Hodaka from a friend of the 
family, they had 3 and only needed 2. I think they used this one to all 
learn on and saved the nice 2 for themselves. This was when I was 13 or so, 
about 27 years ago. It actually had a manual, so I read that first, took all 
of a few hours of killing the clutch and falling over before I learned how 
to take off. The experience came in handy when I bought my first car 2 years 
later, a Vega panel wagon with a stick for the sum of 100 dollars. My 'how 
can I be any less involved in my kid's life' Dad said if I wanted a car, to 
go get a job, but one, and learn to drive it on my own.
Done deal.
Then came the next bike, to be followed by 4 or 5 more.

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> I started to learn with 21 after ending my first "serious" relationship
> ended :)
> (That was a point to make)
> Driving a car I learnt way before taking classes but I definitely sat on a
> motorbike the first time in driving school.
> Alex

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