C14 gps mounted

Julian Solomensky jsolo at solo-tek.com
Wed May 21 16:11:16 PDT 2008

The last piece of my gps mount arrived today.

The gps used here is a nuvi 750.

The mount itself consists of 3 pieces:

1) Techmounts.com p/n 81009 c14 handlebar mount ~$85 shipped (from murphs)
2) Techmounts.com p/n 60003 quick release adapter ~$17 shipped (from murphs)
3) Rammounts ga-26u wrap around cradle $13 shipped  (from rammounts direct)

The quality of the techmounts product is superb!

Here's some pics. No comments on my armor-alled seat please!!!


Best regards,
 Julian                            mailto:jsolo at solo-tek.com

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