How did You learn to Ride?

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Thu May 22 08:33:58 PDT 2008

OK, the Honda 175 I dumped in Jr.high doesn't count.

In 1978 The (LOL) dig this, A Harley 90. Italian enduro type thingy.

but mine was spray painted dark red and some how was a 4 stroke, er,- well, didn't mix oil in the gas that I can remember. =o
I bought it for $50 I think, To get it running, I used a spare coil from my dodge charger began running this... thing around a abandoned rail yard. The weeds hid us from on lookers as we torn up our knees on the cinder and clay roads surrounding 
a one time passenger terminal. later that summer we got brave and took it to some side streets. The straight a way over by the chemical plant we made it to about 45 mph.

It was two years later, I bought a '75 CB-550; Took the test and got legal. Even my Dog rode with me on the tank while his claws dug into a small piece of matching orange carpet of strapped on to the tank. -steered like a tank but, fun.


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