How did You learn to Ride?

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My first bike was a 94 Yamaha Seca II. The story is pretty simple. Me and a 
friend area out roller blading (Last time I ever did that!) and we pass a 
motorcycle dealership on the way home. He had already been riding about 5 
years at this point, but that's not even part of the story. So we pull into 
this dealership, I see the Seca II sitting there on the floor in bright, 
gleaming yellow and knew I would have it. The next day I go into a local 
dealership to me and see the same bike for $200 less. I make the deal on the 
spot, pick it up 4 days later and had another friend who rode take it back 
to his house, where he gave me some clutch and throttle lessons.I spent the 
day circling his block. I had my permit at this time already. The next month 
was spent riding it as much as possible with the guy whose house it was 
sleeping at. I contacted a motorcycle school about a week before the test 
and took a lesson . The instructor deemed I was ready to go. I passed it 
first time, and been riding since.A year later I saw the GPZ in the same 
dealership. But I bought the YZF600R first two more years down the road. 
Then in 2000 I finally bought the GPZ and sold the Seca II.

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