Parts still available

The Masons masonjs at
Tue May 27 15:39:29 PDT 2008

I've got to clean house more often.  My kids are going to have one f@$#ken 
nightmare on their hands when I bite the dirt.  Dave Morgan wants the 
original wind shield--I took it off nearly 11 years ago.  I kind of panicked 
when I got his message and thought where the hell is it?  I found it above a 
false ceiling, along with other unclaimed and forgotten and possibly valuble 
shit.  Three hockey sticks--Dennis Hull, Cliff Korral and Jimmy Pappin all 
with the Chicago Black Hawks in the late '60's early '70's. As I recall I 
did have a Bobby Hull stick signed by the entire team but the kids played 
road hockey with it, broke it and tossed it.  Even broken it was probably 
worth more than the other 3. Pappin was my wife's cousin hence the sticks. 
A bunch of unmade balsa model airplanes.  A coule of hundred comic books 
from the mid '60's.  Another box of comics from the '70's anybody need a #1 
Bonansa. Sheeeeit maybe I didn't have to sell Ruby I probably should have 
unloaded all of it to buy the V Strom.


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