Ohio Rally

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Fri May 30 05:15:37 PDT 2008

The more the merrier!

The Masons wrote:
> Dave:
> I just had a door banger named Dexter.that went away with my OME bags, 
> mounts and the LSL bar set up.  I told him about your Ohio run and 
> gave him the list address.  He sounded like he wanted to go on the 
> run.  He's looking for an exhaust and some plastic.  Couldn't 
> understand why I sold my GPz.
> Jim
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>> Bring 'em Bill. A nice motorcycle trip would be more fun for them 
>> than a trip to the beach;-)
>> Bill Magitz wrote:
>>> Not looking like a good weekend , I promised my daughter I would 
>>> take her and friends to the beach that weekend if she got all A's + 
>>> B's ( except spanish , just pass that one ) and she did it ( so far 
>>> ). It's the frst weekend after school is over and the best weekend 
>>> as far as her friends schedule goes.  I'll try but as I said not 
>>> looking too good. ---bill m---

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