POP goes the GPZ - details.

Philip Hamm philbike20 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 14 11:29:53 PST 2008

OK so here's the rest of the story.  After the fuel petcock disaster (an unfortunately common problem with the GPZ), 
I rode the bike home, about 12 miles.  That was two or three weeks ago.
This morning I get on the bike to go to work.  Bike starts up a little funny, one cylinder fires, then the others come in.  I've witnessed this happening on ZX-11 motors and other inline 4s before so I'm not concerned.
I ride about 5 miles in regular traffic, then as I'm slowing down for a stop light -POP- it sounded like the front tire had popped, the sound came from below and in front of me.   I pulled the clutch and pulled over to find that the oil light was on and the engine was dead, front tire was fine.  Pressing the starter gave me -click-click-click-click- but the battery is strong, it's fresh.  That told me the engine was not cranking.  Called my wife, got home, got the bike towed.  I just got back from the shop, when I went to get the bike with the truck, hitting the starter actually resulted in a slow cranking sound (no grinding or blender noises).  So at least the starter is turning something.
I'd be willing to entertain ideas.  I think the engine is shot.
-Phil Hamm
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