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Must have sold..
I get.....
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  Just back from my Cali trip.. Rented a Beemer RT ...took some getting used 
Loved the the adjustable windshield and comfortable seat, but I can't see 
why so many people fall in love with the boxer engine and the stupid turn 
signals. Why put one conventional switch on a bike when they can add the 
extra expense of putting on three..and charging the customer for same. 
Answer because we are BMW and we have to be different..
 Fantastic roads and scenery out there - unfortunately I never fully 
recovered from the bug I had, so it marred the event some..Missed the Geeper 
though, even though it has a seat made for cast iron butts..


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> Jim:
> I think you REALLY need to buy this bike!  If not you, then Pete!  I only 
> have 38K on mine, so it'll be a long time before I can justify it...
> Paul in Ohio
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>> Wonder how much shit I'd be in???  Like I haven't been there before. 
>> Bike's worth that for the plastic.
>> Jim

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