Red '95 >>> Street Rod ??

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To be honest, I've owned dozens of bikes in my life and actually have said
many times, "...just shoot me in the head while I'm sleeping if I ever start
talking about owning a Harley as I'm obviously not in my right mind or need
to be put out of my misery."  I have two friends that used to roadrace with
me and both of them have bought Street Rods, i.e. VRSCR.  One of them just
recently rode from San Jose, CA to NY and back to my place in CO, where he
stopped for a few days prior to riding back home.  This guy does NOT take
care of his bikes, thinking of them as cars, and his VRSCR was filthy when
he got to my place with 27K on the clock.  He let me ride it and I've ridden
a couple of them now and I decided I needed one of these.  We went out
riding together and I took his VRSCR and he took my GPZ1100.  I actually
could pull away from him in the twisties up at Rocky Mountain National Park,
but to be honest I weigh probably ~100 pounds less than him and the extra
girth of the HD was minor really.  So long story short, I would have never
bought one of these unless it was a DEAL.  I now own an 06 VRSCR for $9K,
period.  It also has ~$5K of HD upgrades including (believe it or not) a
pair of $3K wheels, I looked them up on the HD website, amazing what HD
people pay for stuff like that.  It only has 2K miles on it and has been
serviced with receipts by the HD dealership.  Anyway, heh, it's a great deal
I can probably sell it in spring for more than I paid for it but don't plan
on it.  I will let my GPZ go for less than I have in it as it's a deal bike
as well and I don't really have the room.  To be honest, if someone buys by
GPZ soon, I'll probably buy another hyperbike to go with the VRSCR as a
cruiser, i.e. like a ZX10 or maybe another CBR600RR.  Only two bikes will
really fit in my one car garage now.  Anyway, that's what is going on.  The
GPZ is going for $3500, has only 2K miles (I bought it with 468 miles two
years ago), a brand new corbin seat, Muzzy ignition advancer, dual stainless
front brake lines, stainless bolts, etc.

Email me for photos or comments, johnsoliday at,


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the Street Rod would be my first choice if I could afford to upgrade from
the GPZ ( and the Nighthawk ) could you send me a report on the VRSCR ,
thanks John.---bill m only a little jealous but mostly happy fer ya.
> FYI - I'm going to sell my red 95.  I'm in Longmont, CO and some of 
> you may recall I bought this bike with ~450 miles on it a couple of 
> years ago.  I didn't ride it a whole lot as I've got other bikes 
> and just purchased a HD VRSCR Street Rod last night so I need to 
> clear out the stable.  The 95 has a brand new Corbin seat, a Givi 
> tail trunk, stainless fasteners, stainless dual front brake lines, 
> a Muzzy ignition advancer, and I think it's got ~2000 miles now, 
> barely broken in.  Email if you are interested as I'll sell it to a 
> list member for less than I have in it.  I paid $3500 for it and 
> then all the extra parts so if someone will give me $3500 you'll 
> get a real deal on a very low miles example.  Email me off list for 
> pics, johnsoliday at
> cheers,
> John
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