Header Rust

schnowz schnowz at localnet.com
Sat Oct 4 18:41:27 PDT 2008

 Yeh I'm aware of that, but some things they do for racing are'nt neccessary 
durable in the real world.
I'm not saying it won't hold up, more of a question, than a factual 
 By the way they use aluminized steel in woodstoves and furnaces because of 
the added heat resistance. Dunno how salt effects it though.

> Pete,
> Exhaust header coatings have been done for performance engines for a LONG
> time.  The cheaper solution used to be to wrap them.  The theory is that 
> the
> more heat you retain in the header, the greater the exhaust will expand, 
> the
> greater the velocity of the gas out the pipe, the more scavenging there 
> will
> be in the system and therefore a slight performance boost, and 
> incidentally
> will pull the hot exhaust gases away from the exhaust valves and seats
> faster.  With a tuned header, it is actually a sound theory. 

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