Got her going!!!

chris marquis marquis1968 at
Tue Oct 7 20:49:09 PDT 2008

Just wanted to let you guys know ,the 1050 mile bike i bought from my friend i got her going ,after having to clean the rusty`st gas tank i`ve EVER seen took 2 kreem kits and a inline fuel filter addced for good measure,after sitting for 11 yrs those spray cans of carb cleaner did little  good so on my third attempt i got a gallon of some good cleaner and completely pulled them apart and soaked each one overnite ,they came out looking like new,after ajusting/lubing cables and wheel bearings ,chain,changing fluids ,adding a manual fuel shut off valve in the line also(to used to dirt bikes i guess  lol) and freein up a stuck front caliper she lit right up and runs great!! havent needed to get it over 7000 rpm, i love it stops as good as it gets going!!! had the brakes faded on my nighthawk750 afew times !! at busy intersections of course !! lucked out those times i guess  , she`s got 3000 on it now it`s only been 2 weeks    been having a blast on
 this thing she even gets some respect from the harley guys      thanks for the advice and best wishes  chris M


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