Bike "Totaled"

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Thu Oct 9 07:17:12 PDT 2008

While this recertification/inspection process may be required in NY, I don't
think it's required in all states.  Also, regulations may differ for bikes
being brought into a state rather than remaining in a state...  Check your
local DMV statutes or ask your insurance guys - they'll probably know.

I totaled my TLS, bought it back for a song and immediately resold it.  Here
in VT, I don't think the purchaser had any trouble registering it and, like
your son's GPZ, the damage was entirely cosmetic.

YMMV, of course...  Good luck.


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Once totaled, a vehicle must pass a state roadworthiness inspection before
it can be titled and registered again. The title will be a rebuilt or
salvage title. This will obviously affect the resale value of the bike. The
inspection process is a pain in the ass too. I bought a crashed stolen
recovery bike and went through all this. I'll never do it again.

Steve in Western NY
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> So, my #1 son dumped his 95 GPZ on a muddy stretch of driveway. Low
> speed but lots of scraped paint / pipes and a bent rear brake lever. He
> ran it through the State Farm claims process and just got word that the
> repair estimate comes to $4000! I expect that they'll consider it
> totaled and will buy it. For how much, I don't know. Kelly's puts it at
> $3050. NADA doesn't even show it. Anyway, I expect there will be a "buy
> back" option. My question is, does anyone have any experience with this
> process? He's not averse to buying it back but it may make more sense to
> let it go and look for a lower mile version later. So, if you've been
> through one of these processes, any personal experiences or tips would
> be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark R

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