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Mon Oct 13 09:59:05 PDT 2008

Just noticed this, you can email me directly for more details.

But here is the short list...

1.  Bought two years ago with 468 miles on it.
2.  Now has 2900 miles.

Following are items I put on it....

Corbin seat
Muzzy Adjustable Ignition Advancer
Stainless Engine Fairing Bolts
Headlight/Tailight Modulators
Givi Tail Trunk

It's for sale locally for $3500 as well.  I put ~$1000 of extras on it and
paid $3500 for it so I think that's a fair price.  I'll email you directly
with pictures if you request.


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Thanks all for the inputs. I’ll report on State Farms offer. His bike has a
few miles on it and burns about a quart of oil every 1000 miles, a PIA on
trips. May be time for fresher bike. I missed the earlier post on " John has
listed his low mileage bike as
being available for a lister!". John, shoot me the details please.

Mark R

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