Connie Anniversary

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Tue Oct 14 07:53:08 PDT 2008

It's been a little over a year now since getting the c14.  It's been a most unique relationship.  Managed to get about 7500 miles on it between sept and nov of last year.  This season was a bit more productive with nearly nearly 19K miles.  No major mechanical issues, and just basic oil changes so far.  Will be doing valves over winter most likely (or early spring).  The bike is no sportbike, but can be ridden quite aggressively, and not be more than a few seconds behind.

The thing will shred tires like nothing!  Managed to get 8900 miles from the oem's, ~10K from the first pair of pilot road 2's, and ~7K from the second pair.  In fact, the front still has a reasonable amount of tread remaining, but the rear is wearing the wear bars.  A friend provided a used take off bt-015 from his gsxr1000 so I can at least finish out the season with.  Comparing the two rear pr2's, the first set could of easily gone at least another 1K miles.  Suspect several factors contributed to the 2nd one's early demise.  First off, riding style has become more aggressive (side are definitely more worn out on the 2nd set than first, although the wear bars at the center are the ones that are shot).  I suspect temperature probably had a contribution too.  Warmer (80/90's) temps, softer rubber = faster wear.

So not too bad all things considering.  I put 81K on the gpz in 11 years, and 26K (prob 27 or more by the time it goes into storage) on the c14 in a bit over a year... hmm.. Time for a new bike soon at this rate!  

Unrelated (applies to anybike), but my greatest farkle has been the gps.  They've become very affordable these days.  Many of the backroads traveled would never have been found (as easily) by using a traditional route sheet.  Knowing distance to the next fuel stop is great when you're in unfamiliar territory.  The time spent planning the trip makes it that much more enjoyable.  Getting lost is even more exciting - when done playing, hit the go home button :)

Given the choices today, if I had to do it again, i'd still go with the c14.  The st1300 is in a totally different class, and the changes to the fjr are not considerable enough to make it a contender (yet).

The bike is a fuel pig, averaging in the upper 20's, low 30's inthe city, and anywhere from 35-42 on the highway depending on ambient temp, speed, and angle of right hand.  Some manage to get 45+, must be at higher elevations or riding slow.

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