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Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Tue Oct 14 08:09:40 PDT 2008

I have the garmin nuvi 750.  It's last year's model now, and can be had for ~300 + mounts.  

It's feature set is very similar to the zumo, but route management on the unit itself is not as robust as the zumo (550), and it lacks BT (although there's a 760 model which has that).  It is also not water proof (I use a ziplock bag for riding in the rain).  Aside from that, you can create custom routes on the pc, then send them to the gps to be guided with.  

Also, unlike the zumo, the breadcrumb function is good for only about 800 miles before it starts overwriting the oldest.  There's a firmware hack for the 7x0 series which gives you nearly infinite breadcrumb capability, but it's a bit involved.  Not overly complicated though.  The zumo will store several thousand miles worth of breadcrumbs directly.   

On the routing front, if you deviate from the route, the nuvi will automatically recalculate to the next major way point (not necessarily the next turn in your route).  By keeping this in mind, and reloading the route immediately after deviating, you can stay on course.  The zumo has a function where it will ask you if you want to recalculate or not.  If not, it will let you deviate and resume the route once you've made your way back to some point on it [the route].

To me, these short comings are minimal and still offset the $300 price difference.  On the plus side, the nuvi does have a 4.3" screen while the zumo is 3.5".

Here's some pics of my setup

The cradle came from rammounts, while the quick release and mounting bracket both came from

Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 9:57:41 AM, David wrote:

> Julian,

>     What GPS are you using? I've been considering picking one up for 
> awhile and would be interested in hearing what you  guys like and 
> dislike about the units you have.

> Dave B

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