Now GPS - do you need one

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That's fine if you're retired, but a lot of people actually need to know
when they'll get somewhere!

It's really SO convenient to have:
- Start driving to your destination, add some time for a gas stop or snack
and you know exactly when you'll arrive.  She's quite accurate.
- Going to a big city?  Driving with maps can be dangerous and it's easy to
miss a turn and get screwed up.  Garmina shows you all the shortcuts, gives
you advance warning for your turns so you can change lanes early, etc.  She
helps you drive like a local.
- You don't need directions anymore...  To practically anywhere!  In fact,
get the coordinates, and yes... to infinity and beyond!
- On a route, you can go wherever you want... she'll still get you where you
need to go.  I like to wander a lot too and it's great for that.

I just brought mine for a trip to L.A.  On the way to San Diego, I was given
the name of a restaurant near my destination and just a few quick screen
touches and we're there.  If traffic looked terrible, you could just get off
any exit and work around it.

And if you're willing to talk to people, you can still find good places to


BTW - That last bit was pretty Zen, Jim.  The journey is the destination...

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Amen Brother Mason , let the wheels lead the way.
and as for the disentegrating maps well papyrus is known to do that maybe
it's time to update ............................

> If your map disintegrates then you need a magnetic tank bag with a clear
> plastic map cover - very handy!
> sid
> On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 12:43 PM, The Masons <masonjs at> wrote:
> > You guy are missing 1/2 the fun of travelling--being lost.  I've got no
> > GPS. I've got maps, sometimes I don't have maps. Sometimes my maps
> > disintegrate in the rain (August 08 Maine). Sometimes I'm semi lost. I
> > into info stops. They are usually manned by seniors.  They are the most
> > helpful and courtious people I have met.   If I've got 1/2 a tank of
> > and am on an asphalt road in North America I can't be any more than 50
> > (30miles)  from more fuel.  I usually ask directions.  I meet the
> >  They tell me where to eat, they tell me of decent lodgings (except in
> > NS).  It helps me learn and tolerate.  It makes my ride.
> >
> > My ride my time well spent Jim
> >
> >
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