David Beard davidebeard at
Thu Oct 16 16:07:43 PDT 2008

You are correct, Rob. The 450 does not have bluetooth. Bummer! Frankly 
the 550 is just a bit out of my price range or I would have chosen that 
one in a heart beat. Has everything I would want in a GPS for the bike. 
I'm looking to get as close as possible features-wise to the 550 for a 
bit less green. Having the tunes in the helmet is a big plus, though. 
One reason I really like the idea of having bluetooth.

Dave B

Rob Schwartz wrote:
> I got the 550 for the car kit, basically.  It's real handy to have along on
> any trip.  It's not much more money, if you find a good deal ($730 or so),
> and it also adds bluetooth and an XM receiver (pretty sure there's no
> bluetooth on the 450).
> I picked the Zumo over other stuff because of its focus toward
> motorcyclists...  Touch screen works pretty well with gloves on.  I use the
> buttons on the housing frequently.  It's gotten rained on a few times.  I
> dig having tunes in my lid and the MP3 is easy to use.  It shows a little
> motorcycle as the navigation icon instead of a car or an arrow!  Has a
> built-in "fuel guage" that'll display a little icon when you're running
> low... tap it for a quick list of nearby gas stations.
> I'd imagine that all the Garmins will come with MapSource, probably even the
> same version.  It's not as intuitive as using Google maps, but it's
> workable.
> Hey, another thought just came to mind... Garmina and I will often sit down
> for coffee to work out a route or the next stop or whatever.  It's nice that
> the she has her own battery so you can take her anywhere.  Not sure if the
> others do too, but I like that feature a lot.
> Yes, her name is Garmina.  She's quite polite, though she will interrupt my
> tunes with route guidance...
> -Rob

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