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Hey Rob and guys!

Sounds great!? I'll hopefully get one soon.

Ron Jordan

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Garmina (my Zumo 550) has been a faithful travelling companion for a little
over a year now.    In short, I love it.  Some reasons why (some may apply
to all GPS units):

1. MP3 player - piped into my helmet with an Autocom system, I carry a
couple 2GB SD cards full 'o tunes and I'm good to go.

2. Navigation - The thing makes you look like a local in even the most
confusing situations (i.e. Metro Los Angeles).  Plenty of warning before a
turn and a nice picture of the turn so you REALLY know which way to go.

3. MapSource - Not the greatest program but, once you learn it, it's not too
tough to make custom routes and upload them to the GPS.

4. Downloading tracks - If I've "accidentally" found a great route, I can
save it to MapSource and edit it.  Also helpful if you're following someone
on a great ride and want to recreate it!

I haven't really come across too many limitations other than it's not 100%
when it comes to avoiding dirt roads and it has led me down some stuff that
just plain didn't work... had to turn around twice in August.  Arrrgh.  Time

I had wanted a Navi setup for my car but the option was >$1600.  I paid
~$700 for my Zumo (through the FJRforums @ The
550 comes with a car kit & carrying case, both absent for the 450, I

Anyway, LOVE IT!! GET ONE!!!!


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