Last Long Run for 08?

Paul Landry p_landry at
Sun Oct 19 20:33:25 PDT 2008

Like Jim, I stole this afternoon and pointed the GPz South for one of my
favoured loops.
Beautiful sunny day and was up to almost 10C by 11AM with the promise of 15
in the South (NEVER happened!).

Bundled up knowing it would be a chilled ride but still insisted on starting
off with my summer gloves but conceded and put on some glove liners to help,
figured with the heated grips that might be enough (Nope).  Left Kelowna
before 12 noon pointed down Hwy 97 to Penticton.  Great views along the lake
but the wind had picked up and it was cooler than planned.  South of
Penticton turned off to Keremeos and climbed into the mountains on a great
twisting ribbon of roadway at a "spirited pace", the sunshine seemed to off
set the chilling air.  Reaching Keremeos I turned East and followed 6 to
Osoyoos.  This is alpine desert country, never much green or any other color
except for the irrigated patches of farm land.  Was surprised to see the
many grape growing vineyards were still very green, only the few remaining
fruit tree orchards were in fall color.

Getting to Osoyoos stopped for gas and had a hard time starting the bike?
Lots of crank, just no spark?  Never have this problem, tried it a few times
and fired up and ran just fine.  Drove a few more blocks to the local Tim
Horton's for a cup of tea and a cookie to warm up with.  Again the bike was
"cranky" to start?  It had been just fine starting in the driveway and at
White lake earlier when I stopped to bundle up a little better.
Wondering if I am having a charging problem (killed one battery earlier this
summer, but it was 5 yrs old, installed a new one ) or if running the
electric grips was drawing too much.  But this has never been an issue

Running in the cold, the bike never gets into it operating range, always
shows cold on the temp gauge but rev's, idles and runs just fine.  I find
that my "senses" of how well it is working diminish the colder I get, you
know that seat of the pants thing!..

Debating if I had enough time to run the rest of the loop or cut it short
and head for home before the sun got too low, decided to chance it as the
best part of the ride, up Hwy 6 out of Osoyoos to Rock Creek is one of most
entertaining parts of this loop.  Numerous switch backs snaking up out of
the valley for several miles into the high mountains.

On this part of the ride I was met by at least 60 other motorcyclists all
heading the opposite direction.  All but one riding cruisers of various
makes and sizes.  They were spread out over several miles and not riding as
one be group, good thing given the pace some of them were doing!..  ;-)

At Rock Creek it is a left turn on to Hwy 33 North to Beverdell and then
Kelowna.  This part of the trip gets into a much more lush and green area
with the fall colors of gold's and yellows.  Very little of the Reds found
in the East of Canada and the US.  The lower part of this ride follows along
beside the Kettle River as it winds and twists.  Saw some great photo opps
but decided not to stop as I was running out of day, it was getting colder
and I had already seen one deer and did not want to run this stretch at dusk
as deer come out like mosquitoes in this part of the country.  As the
elevations start to go up the river gets left behind.  Reaching the summit
close to the Big White Ski Resort turn off, you are more than 1200m (3600 +
ft) above sea level.  At this point the sun is getting lower in the mountain
ridges, the temp is dropping as I get higher.  On the Kelowna, down hill
side of the summit it is all of a sudden VERY Cold!..  I had not used the
electric vest up to this point but needed it now!.  Gotta love electrics!..

Getting home I was well chilled as the sun is lower in the sky and was
blocked out by some high cloud cover.

The final tally, 400+ Kms in 4.5 hrs.

Unless it warms up this will be my last ride of the season out of the
Kelowna valley.  Insurance is still good to Nov. 1st so hope to get a few
more miles in locally before then.. 
Contemplating testing the electrics of the GPz over the winter!..  
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

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