making the same maintainance mistake with the Suzuki as the GPzed

The Masons masonjs at
Sat Oct 25 14:51:34 PDT 2008

I decided to do a little PM on the Suzuki cause its raining and its too wet 
to plough.
I took it on a 330 km run yesterday and it was running fine.  The fall 
colors are done the bush is just grey bare branches and the dull green of 
the conifers with the odd skinny "A" of a yellow Tamarak (a conifer that 
looses it needles in the winter) to break the gloom.  They had snow in the 
back country and someone had rolled up a snowman on their lawn.  We don't 
need thaat shit yet. The bike likes the cool weather.  Started out at 4C 
(39F) and finished at 10C (50F).  My error was filling the tank at the 
station across the road when I arrived home.
Every time I checked the valves on the GPz I was pulling off a full fuel 
tank 25 KG (55 lb).  Well the Suzuki is no exception.  I decided to clean 
the air filter and as luck would have it that's where Suzuki started their 
build on this bike.  Well the air cleaner job entailed removing the tank 
plus most of the fairing screws.  I could have done a valve check on the GPz 
quicker.  But the filter was dirty, bugs, pollen, weed seeds and that 
Labrador dust.   That damn stuff sticks like baby shit to a Hudson's Bay 
blanket.  When we were driving into it it hung in the air like a fart in a 
phone box (nabbed from the Aussies who probably purloined it from some one 
else).  I know I was still blowing out of my sinuses 5 days later in New 
England.  I probably should have changed the filter but I didn't feel like 
making a 100 km round trip to the dealer.  So I put a vacuum cleaner with 
the little slot device on one side and air from my compressor on the other. 
After 20 minutes I figured it was as clean as it was going to get and 
reassembled everything.  No parts left over and the bike started when I was 
done--time for a long necked Creemore Springs Ale.


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