Request for assistance for grip heater installation

The Masons masonjs at
Thu Oct 30 08:15:13 PDT 2008

Thanks Scap! now I'll be double gloving (just like the radio active shit at 
the bomb) handling this stuff.  I have a hard enough time doing this with my 
bare hands.  I wonder what Chlorox will do to my hands.


> Knowing Mad Mike Buehrle, he was using that left grip
> heater to keep something else long and round warm, thus the
> reason there is no adhesive on it.  I wonder what his GF
> thought of that??  LOL!
> Charles S.
>>I got a set of grip heaters from mad Mike Buehrle.  They
>>are Dual Star Heated grip kit part # 20-10001-175.  The
>>instructions are a little chewed up.  I'm not sure but I
>>think Mike may have been doing some female (or male
>>you never know) on a beach and using the instructions for
>>a mattress, as they are wrinkled, torn, sandy & oily.
>>Needless to say I handle them using examination gloves.
>>About 1/3  (the diagram third) is missing.  Have any of
>>you installed these Dual Stars on your bike and would you
>>have the instructions.  Also the peel & stick is off the
>>clutch side.  What sort of adhesive can I use to install
>>this piece on my handle bars?
>> Jim

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