Halloween Treat - long - but some paragraphs for the critiques

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Oct 31 19:07:52 PDT 2008

Well I manufactured one of the O'Lantern boys this morning --Jack--, I have 
his bother Patty strung between the trees at my cottage.

- I was free at 11:55 and left home headed -hell I didn't care.  I took the 
run through the back roads to Brrys Bay similar to the run we made in '04. 
Road s were damp in the shadows, I  slowed as I figured this could be snow 
melted from Tuesday's storm and didn't want to be surprised by the unmelted 
 I stopped at the log chute in Combermere for a couple of photos. I stoped 
next at the Bay Bistro for lunch. The name changed from the Bay Cafe 
changing names has allowed them to jack the prices, but the food seems a lot 
healthier. Downtown Barrys Bay across from Afelski's Shoes if you need 
directions.  A very good tomato bisque and an open face roast beef, cheese, 
onion and tomato sandwich for $14.00 with the tip was fine.
  This was dealt off the arm by a black cat.  Some slender number done up 
for halloween,, wearing a black spandex suit.  Heated me up more than the 
soup.  I got up to pay and a red head in a similar green suit that looked 
like it was painted on, (I presumed she was a frog) took my $ and increased 
my heart rate.  I was a little worried the last sound I was going to hear 
was --CLEAR!!!-- as they hit me with the defibulators.
Headed west into the sun and took 653 south at Madawaska.  The sun flashing 
from my right side through the trees made it hard to see the ditches.  I 
noticed something on the way up a hill and cut the throttle.  A very nice 
white tailed doe broke across the road ahead of me.  I was on the brakes but 
she cleared off the road with 20 meters to spare.   Maybe the 2 deer 
whistles under the front fairing do work!!.  Like to see her in 2 week when 
I have my 7mm.
 I took the Peterson Road out of Maynooth to go around Elephant and Baptist 
I was coming out of a right hand curve and saw a parrtridge (Ruffed Grouse 
to the hard nosed birders), walking 1/2 across the oncoming lane--there was 
also a dodge pickup coming towards me.  All I could do was hold my line and 
hope the damned bird didn't fly.  Well it caught wing and I was waiting for 
the impact.  They only weigh about 1.5 pounds 0.75 kilo max, but they can 
take out a rad and at the 120 km I was doing will really hurt  if they hit 
me.  Fotunately for me it turned right and headed parralel to me. I clipped 
its wing with my left knee just as I was straightening up. The truck went by 
and I checked my left mirror and saw the bird tumbling along the road.  I 
was on the brakes--the breast of these is excellent when sliced thin and 
saute'd in butter with a little garlic and onion.
 I'm jacking the bike around and I hear the sound of howling tires.  I 
figure I'm about to be "T" boned and look back.  There is blue smoke rolling 
off the  back tires of the dodge.  He screamed back 40 meters stopped, 
jumped out,  grabbed the bird, tossed it in the box, jumped back in,  lit 
the tires up and headed away.  He probably could have bought a half dozen 
cornish game hens for the rubber he burned.
I continued on my way to Bancroft for fuel then Hwy 28 to 513 at 
Jewellville, Foymount, Cormac, Eganville, Knightington, Doulas home.

Stole another day, from old man winter.

According to the weatherman we may have Tuesday - Thursday next week with 
temperatures to 16C (62F).  I could get another 1000 - 1500 km before 
Just testing my roasted pumpkin seeds--they are going well will the Creemore 

Jim- if you want to critque the writing have at it- but have the decency to 
put in a line or 2 that so I can have a crack at you.--- .


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