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You're very welcome. There's more info in the links below... if the
GPz's radiator layout/spacing is the same as the ZX-11's it sounds
like you're home free. Putting a ZX-11 system on the ZZR1200
apparently requires radiator shims but not the other way around... if
these guys are correct. I don't have specific info on GPz stuff, but
we know the ZX-11 system fits the GPz so it will probably be the same
or very close. Again, let us know how it goes. I can find no mention
here of the centerstand stop issue so it may or may not be a problem
for you. I'm sure I read it somewhere, though.


Pay particular attention to these quotes:

"A ZX11 exhaust will probably fit on a ZZ-R1200 but could be tight
fit(shimming the 1200's radiator could be required). Reason is that
1200's headers have tighter bends which allow 1200's radiator to be
installed a bit closer to the engine. So, while a 1200 exhaust fit
perfectly on a 1100 (plenty of clearance behind 1100's radiator), the
opposite is not perfectly true. I'm pretty sure shimming is minor
though and not much involved."

"Are there any pointers or things I should look for in changing my
stock zx11 headers to zzr1200 headers so I can use aftermarket muzzy

Nope, straight swap. Just don't tighten the headers to the exhaust
outlets until you have got the mount point under the engine lined up
and the bolt finger tight."

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> Jeff,
> Thanks for the info -

Utah Jeff
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