right front turn signal (dominatr37)

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at charter.net
Sun Sep 7 21:36:57 PDT 2008

Or you can just use this as an excuse to buy the High Tech Speed Proton
Flush Mount LED turn signals from New Enough :)  I put them on my bike and
love them.  They work great, and you won't have to worry about those turn
signals hanging out there waiting to get broken again, or worse, break your
fairing next time.


Jeff in CA 

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You can buy just the rubber boot from Kawasaki, it's only $10 or so at your
local dealer.  Both the rubber boots on my bike broke in the same way.

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Just a heads up, if anyones changing them. Replace them both as they are 
getting brittle - both of mine went within a couple of weeks of each other -

without being abused in any way.
The other rubber part to check is the dustseal on the clutch and front brake

master cylinder - both of mine had perished.
I'm guessing leaving it parked in the sun at work isn't helping any.

   Pete S

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> Anyne have an extra right front turn signal around? I'm in Vt at the
> Killington Classic and a buddy just took my cover off my bike and tore the
> right front turn signal on me. Rubber boot is toirn in half so I need a
> whole turn signal. right side front. Thanks  in advance.
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
> Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
> The Motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world!
> ISBN# 1-4137-6187-9
> http://helptheyreallouttogetme.com

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