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Hey guys!

I think someone here had already responded, but I cannot locate where I put the info.? I need to remove my original ignition switch and replace it with one I have on a parts bike.? The nuts appear to be anti-theft style, where it seems difficult to unscrew them.? I haven't tried yet, but can see that.

Anyone done this before?...? Also, is there any easy way to open my seat without that key?? I don't really want to break the old lock...

Thanks in advance to any help-givers...

Ron Jordan

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Just a heads up, if anyones changing them. Replace them both as they are getting brittle - both of mine went within a couple of weeks of each other - without being abused in any way.?
The other rubber part to check is the dustseal on the clutch and front brake master cylinder - both of mine had perished.?
I'm guessing leaving it parked in the sun at work isn't helping any.?
? Pete S?
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> Anyne have an extra right front turn signal around? I'm in Vt at the?
> Killington Classic and a buddy just took my cover off my bike and tore the?
> right front turn signal on me. Rubber boot is toirn in half so I need a?
> whole turn signal. right side front. Thanks in advance.?
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.?
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