My GPZ chain saga

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Mon Sep 22 20:05:35 PDT 2008

So coming back from the killingon classic my chain became so slack that it
was hanging off the frame. That chain was put on last year by LI Kawasaki,
and had about 3,000 miles on it. So I ordered a chain and sprocket set and
installed them today. Here's what I found. The sprockets weren't worn at
all, compared to the new ones, which really surprised me, as they had about
15,000 miles on them. No pointed teeth, no signs of wear. So the big
question is what kind of crappy chain did they install on my bike last year?
They told me it was a Tsubaki, but was it a bottom of the line non oring
Tsubaki? No idea. All I know is the thing forst became slack a few weeks
before the classic. But not real bad. I tightened it up. then put 750 miles
or so on it during the event , and i lubed it several times with all the
rain going on. Everything else looked fine on the bike. Rear wheel bearings
seemed fine. I can't figure it out. I put a new set of sprockets on today
and an X-ring DiD chain. I akso replaced the broken speedometer cable which
also went down on me during the ride home.

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