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Thu Apr 2 18:13:31 PDT 2009

  The reason that I don't like the steering stem mount is because I don't
want the GPS right in the way of being able to read the speedometer.  I like
it being off center some. Also, I didn't want to trust a jam fit expansion
plug to securely mount the GPS.  Bolted directly on with loctite is better.
I don't know what kind of mounting plate you need (or what kind of GPS we're
talking about here), but my Garmin mount fits a standard RAM ball like that
shown in the second link.  I really like the Garmin mount versus the one
that RAM sells because it locks my 2720 in to the mount with a special tool,
and it also is designed to that the power cord can't come loose.

My power is wired directly to the bike power without using an accessory
socket.  It's about a 3 inch pigtail of cord that I tuck away under the RAM
ball when I don't have the GPS mounted. Like I said, I'll try and take some
pictures of it.


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Thanks Jeff. -  I also came across this mount for the steering stem.
Looks like I would have to get these 2 pieces
and a new cable, as the Garmin cable supplied with the unit goes through a 
plastic adapter bracket which looks like it would interfere with the cradle.
That means 4 pieces (including the arm) and a new cable + install the 
accessory socket.. Oi Vey

 Pete S

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> This is what I recommend:  Get yourself this ball:
> 62 Then you remove one of the 4 allen cap bolts that bolt the handlebar
> risers to the steering (The black recessed ones, two on each side).
> Purchase a longer, stainless steel allen bolt with a rounded top, a
> stainless washer and lock washer and bolt the ram ball there.  Just torque
> the new bolt the same as the other bolts with a bit of blue Loctite for
> peace of mind.  I used the bolts that are closest to you as you sit on the
> bike, and angled the ball towards the center.  I have both my GPS and my
> radar detector mounted in this way, one on each side.  I'll take a picture
> of it later.
> I have also seen this type of RAM ball used, but it has an 11mm hole
> compared to a 9mm hole on the angled ball:
> so I wasn't 
> inclined
> to try it at the time as I didn't feel it would be as secure. But using a
> larger fender washer and a locking washer, it would probably be OK.  The
> advantage of this type of ball is that it would allow more adjustment out 
> of
> your RAM arm.  With the angled ball, you can't adjust the RAM arm around 
> the
> same angle extremes in some directions.  I like to have the GPS adjusted
> just so when I have my tankbag on so I can see the instrument cluster, 
> GPS,
> and not interfere with the tankbag as you turn the handlebars.  I use a
> standard length, 3" long RAM arm to my GPS mount.  My GPS is a Garmin 
> 2720.
> I use the Garmin motorcycle mount and power cable, bolted to a standard 
> ball, the kind with the diamond shaped base and two small bolts.  Both my
> GPS and Escort 8500 radar is powered by the bike.

> Jeff (I'll try and take pictures by tomorrow).

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