Vance and Hines 4 into 1 Header

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Mon Apr 6 17:05:40 PDT 2009

      Steve in spite of rumors to the contrary ;-), Dave is right "You are 
the man"..
Yep I definitly want the header. Much appreciated. Lemme know what you want 
with shipping.
It'll be a homecoming when it meets back up with the caliper and wheel you 
sold me..
          IIRC some listers had a splashguard on the front fender to stop 
shit spraying up from the front wheel. Anyone have details. My oil cooler 
fins were plugged solid with sand and shit.
         The pipes have never been off since I had the bike, Gonna soak the 
studs with WD40 and use an impact wrench but I'm wondering what the chances 
are of snapping the studs.


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> Pete, it's your lucky day. I have the V&H exhaust I took off my bike to 
> install the New Micron (so the saddlebags would fit) in a box in the 
> garage. It's in pretty decent shape. I also have the Carbon Fiber can with 
> my modified race baffle (recently repacked) and I also have a brand new in 
> the box stock V&H aluminum can with street baffle and a spare (new) V&H 
> race baffle. Let me know what you need.
> Steve
> ---- schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:
>>     I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a Vance and Hines 4
>> into 1 Header they wanna part with. Mine has totally rusted through..
>>  Pete s

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